The Collective.

A Community Development Company.

ICO Incubation.

Let us handle your ICO from incubation to community management.

Who are The Collective?

The Collective are social engineers 

What We Do

We bring your dreams to reality.

ICO Incubation

All you need is an idea. We can complete full incubation of your ICO and make your idea a reality. Having your ICO incubation with The Collective puts you in front of thousands of ready investors.

Community Development

We call ourselves Social Engineers. The Collective has thousands of hours of community development experience, from managing Social Medias for growth – to moderating your Telegram channel that has been grown out of your control by our Social Engineers.


Getting listed on exchanges is a difficult and costly task, right? Wrong. Clients of The Collective get exclusive access to our exchange partners, with promotion to boot.

About Us

We are your partners for growth.


We are a highly responsive team of independent contributors, who deliver a broad range of content and community support during an ICO to build
awareness and provide answers to prospective supporters.

We provide our clients with guidance on strategy, partnerships, influencers, and other factors vital to realize a successful community driven blockchain

We have our own crypto EXCHANGE managed 24/7 by our professional team.


We strive to be ultra-responsive. We will deliver diverse levels of support, education, community development and engagement across multiple media channels

We keep our clients informed 24/7. Any time any moment at any place.

We remain adaptable to all of our client’s individual requirements.


The Collective’s value system revolves around empowering the crypto community in every way possible. From deciding on which companies are listed on our CDEX exchange, to innovative reward programs for our participants.

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